Professional Traders

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At Professional Traders, we can offer a sharpening service for just about anything with a cutting edge. We sharpen Home & Garden Tools, D.I.Y. Tools, Professional and Industrial Tools.

Crescent Hire can provide a one week turn around for all sharpening except the very unusual items.  Quality is very important to us and each item is inspected by an expert sharpener and any item that is not suitable for sharpening or too badly worn or damaged will be held until we can talk to about it.

We are conveinient to use - you do not need to take time off work and wait at home all day for somebody to collect your sharpening. And once it has been sharpened, you can collect it when it suits you. Our opening hours are on our Home Page.

If your knives and tools are not as sharp as you would like them to be, then bring them to us and we can give them a new lease of life.

Please ask our friendly staff for a free quote

Sharp tools give a better finish to your work and are safer to use because you use less force and there is
less chance of slipping

Sharp Garden Tools cause less damage to

precious plants with less risk

of infection resulting